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Specimen information:

Report ID JEDI-210113-5
Study name Ovarian cancer stained with standard immune markers
Study authors Joe Yeong's Lab

Examples of ovarian cancer tissues stained and imaged with the standard immune markers (DNA, PD-L1, CD3, CD68, FOXP3, CD8, CK) The percentage of CD3+ cells are as follows:

  • JEDI21017 (0.95%)
  • JEDI21018 (3.70%)
  • JEDI21019 (2.32%)
  • JEDI21020 (0.09%)
  • JEDI21021 (8.92%)
  • JEDI21022 (3.50%)

For the negative control images, please visit https://immunoatlas.org/JEDI/210113-2/

Specimen type Human ovarian tissue
Case ID JEDI21021
Submitted by:
Submitter Joey Jia Ying Lee
(JEDI Council, JEDI)
Last updated 9 Jul, 2021 (Fri),
3:52 PM

Specimen image:

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