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Case and specimen information:

Report ID JEDI-201207-2
Study name Validating Multiplexed IHC with H&E images in whole slide imaging
Study authors Joe Yeong's Lab

Please refer to Image set JEDI-201207-1 (https://immunoatlas.org/JEDI/201207-1/JEDI20033/) for the matching H&E images.

Specimen type Human tonsil tissue
Specimen ID JEDI20034
Image format Zeiss CZI Dimensions 48,220 × 40,879 pixels (15.67 × 13.29 mm)
Submitted by:
Submitter Joey Jia Ying Lee
(JEDI Council, JEDI)
Last updated 10 Jan, 2022 (Mon),
3:10 PM

Specimens collected for the case: