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Case and specimen information:

Report ID ABCM-220216-1
Report name BC08118a
Study name Cytolytic T-cell markers panel
Study authors Abcam & ImmunoAtlas

The ImmunoAtlas and Abcam teams have collaborated and designed a panel of seven antibodies (α-CD8α, α-Foxp3, α-Granzyme B, α-PD-L1, α-PD-1, α-Cytokeratin, α-EpCAM; Abcam), which mark several phenotypes essential to immunotherapy responses. The panel enables the identification and quantification of different immune subpopulations such as cytotoxic T-cells, regulatory T cells, etc within the tumor microenvironment. Breast cancer tissue array samples from 70 patients (normal, stage I to III) were stained with the markers (refer table) and multiplex IHC kit (Opal). All the images were acquired using a multispectral imaging system (Vectra® Polaris™).

Markers Host species Clone Ab Dilution Supplier Product Cat # Fluorophore
DAPI Akoya Biosciences FP1490
Anti-PD-L1 Rabbit Monoclonal (CAL10) 1:750 Abcam ab251611 Opal 520
Anti-Granzyme B Rabbit Monoclonal (EPR20129-217) 1:250 Abcam ab219803 Opal 540
Anti-PD1 Rabbit Monoclonal (CAL20) 1:750 Abcam ab251613 Opal 570
Anti-pan Cytokeratin Mouse Monoclonal (C-11) 0.5ug/ml Abcam ab264485 Opal 620
Anti-EpCAM Rabbit Monoclonal (EPR20532-225) 1:1250 Abcam ab225894 Opal 620
Anti-CD8α Rabbit Monoclonal (CAL66) 1:1500 Abcam ab251596 Opal 650
Anti-FOXP3 Mouse Monoclonal (236A/E7) 10ug/ml Abcam ab96048 Opal 690
Specimen type Human breast tissue
Specimen ID ABCM22001
Image format PerkinElmer Vectra/QPTIFF Image number 60
Submitted by:
Submitter Justina Lee
(Abcam, Abcam)
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